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Kinesi Wellness

Getting healthy doesn't mean more burpees, it starts with what's in your head and your heart.

Welcome!  My name is Rebecca Douglas. 

I've been an intuitive coach in the Health,

Nutrition and Fitness world for over

10 years.

Kinesi means "movement", which,

when applied to your Health and Wellness, means that where you need forward momentum is where I'll meet you...full of heart, integrity, intuition and a little grit-wrapped love.

If you are feeling broken down, unhappy, and stuck in a body that is not serving you, the last thing you need is another prescription or diet.  You need someone to meet you where you are right now,  talk to you like a real person, and show you the path to abundant energy, a strong, beautiful body, and a new desire for a vibrant, connective life!

That's where I come in.

  • I'll coach you on real nutrition that fuels your mind & body, not deprive it.

  • I'll help you get moving in a way that honors your body, not punishes it.

  • Together, we'll do some self-discoveries to help you uncover who YOU really are or want to be.

  • We'll design authentic-to-you goals and action items.

Whether it's a fully customized program for your body re-composition or just a quick monthly meeting to check on those sugar cravings and soda habit, this will be a coaching experience like you've never experienced, full of heart, integrity and authenticity.  It about helping YOU live your best life!

2020 Marks 10 years in business. 

Thank You Billings!

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317 N. 13th St.

Billings, MT. 59101
(406) 850-8459

Look for the bright blue building just off the Southeast corner of
4th Ave N. and N. 13th St.