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is the last day to reserve your spot**

6 Week Fall Challenge

Oct. 14th-Nov. 24th 2019

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Voted Billings's best transformation program.

Kinesi Coaching Studios' proven, step-by-step system has changed

hundreds of lives and counting.

Fitness, Nutrition, Accountability and Mindset -

to achieve results you've never experienced and create a lifestyle

you've always wanted.

Lose 15-25 pounds, or up to 6% body fat

in 6 weeks!!  And learn to keep it off!


30 Minute

 Strength & Conditioning

Small Group Classes,

guaranteed to burn the maximum amount of fat up to 36 hours after your workout.


Eating Plans, Grocery lists, Supplements, Protein shakes...

We'll customize what YOU need to lose 25+ pounds in a sustainable and healthy way.


Private coaching calls and weekly small group meetings to keep you on task, motivated and supported for the entire 6 weeks.

Mind Set

Losing weight and getting healthy is not just about "Calories In Calories Out".  We'll help you get to the bottom of sabotaging behavoirs so you have life long success...Not just 6 weeks of success.

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