We're not just "a gym". We're your new hang out!

Kinesi Coaching Studios is home of some of the most efficient and effective workouts that you'll find, anywhere! Combining resistance training for lean muscle, cardio bursts and endurance for fat burning, and core strength for a strong foundation, we help you lose fat and tone up FAST!


Only 30 minutes long, our group sessions are led by a certified coach. In each session, you get energy, fun, and challenging workouts designed to burn the maximum amount of fat and tone your entire body! No more need to spend hours in the gym. We know you have a life outside of our walls. And we want to help YOU make the most of it.

Our specialized workout formula uses a scientifically proven combination of (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training and Active Rest to get your body to burn twice the fat in half the time of traditional workouts that are twice as long. In fitness, more isn't always better. That's why we specialize in the 30 minute format.

However -- it's not just our custom scientifically designed workouts and group training that set us apart. It's our personal support of your journey, accountability to you, and our cutting-edge custom balanced nutrition approach that truly is the missing link to YOUR long term success!


There is no such thing as "one size fits all" in fitness. Personalization in your fitness regime is key to getting the best possible results. At Kinesi, it's all about YOU. We modify our workouts, how we coach you, and your meal plans to fit your individual goals and fitness level -- so your results are GUARANTEED!

All for the fraction of the cost of dietitians and personal trainers. You still get the attention and customization you need to be successful.

No lonely, boring, or competitive workouts here!
No more diets!
No more body shaming!

No more lack of motivation or guesswork!

We've got you covered. And you WILL see transformation and results in your mind, your body, and your life -- we guarantee it.

The Kinesi Mission:

To positively transform lives
Empowerment of the MIND
Health of the BODY
Celebration of the SPIRIT