7+ reasons why my Kettlebell was life changing

If you showed up to our Saturday session at the Billings location this weekend, then you got to experience one of my FAVORITE ways to workout…Kettlebell flows!

I have never been that “gym rat” that wants to spend hours in the gym doing cardio on the treadmill then lift some weights and maybe add a class for good measure. If I’m working out I want it to be effective and efficient…meaning, DON’T WASTE MY TIME! I’ve got things to do and I certainly don’t have time to be at the gym for more than an hour.

When I created the Kinesi Coaching method I wanted to honor your time (and mine) with fast and efficient workouts that you could actually get real fat loss results from. So I studied, and experimented and went to workshops and studied some more until I learned that a 20-30 minute workout is all you need WHEN DONE THE RIGHT WAY. The Kinesi workouts were born from those years of work and study and experimenting; and during that time, I fell in love with a single ball of iron.

Now, Kinesi is not just about Kettlebells. Our 30 minute workouts incorporate bodyweight & plyometrics, tools like dumbbells, ropes and boxes, yoga-like movements and of course, Kettlebells.

A 26lbs Kettlebell was the first piece of equipment I purchased when I started out, and under the guidance of a great coach, I learned how 20 minutes with it could be life changing.

Below are 7 reasons why I think it is sooooo important to incorporate them into your regimen…and these will explain why I’ve added them to our Kinesi program.

1. Kettlebells Prevent Over-Exertion Many studies show that too much cardio like long-distance running or extended time on an Elliptical machine, can actually do a lot of damage to your body. Over time there can be a negative impact of putting a lot of stress on the cardiovascular system (as it works hard to pump out extra blood during long-distance cardio sessions) and has shown to contribute to a shortened lifespan in some people.

Burst training and strength building exercises, do not have the same effect on your heart as traditional long-sustained cardio sessions do, and studies now show that shorter, more intense bursts of exercise should be a significant part in your exercise regimen. A fast-moving kettlebell workout, in which you perform one move directly followed by the next move with little time to rest in between, is a great way to get your heart rate up for a shorter, more intense period of time. This allows you to complete a 20 minute workout that builds all-over muscle and simultaneously reduces fat, but doesn’t put an unnecessary amount of prolonged stress on your heart, joints, or other susceptible organs.

2. Kettlebells Fight Age-Related Weight Gain Research shows that we start losing 3-8% muscle mass every decade, starting at the age of 25! This means that the amount of calories we burn at rest plummets. Which means that we can gain weight without even trying. 😂 One extra pound of muscle burns 150-200 calories each day. Which means for every pound we lose due to aging, we need to eat less and less just to maintain our weight.😩😡 Did you know that just 8-10 weeks of consistent resistance training can help a sluggish metabolism by actually increasing the resting metabolic rate by 7 percent? Who doesn’t want to burn 7% more calories each and every day? Did you also know that Kettlebell workouts-along with HIIT training and shorter Burst Training tend to decrease appetite more so than longer, steady-state cardio sessions do? This means you are less likely to overeat if you balance out your exercise regimen with resistance, burst, and interval training — as opposed to only cardio workouts.

3. Kettlebells Protect & Reverse Age-related Diseases Besides protecting against unwanted weight gain, Kettlebells can improve functional movements, balance control, walking speed, posture & skeletal structure, brain focus and concentration and even improves self-esteem. It also plays a huge part in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes, preventing and reversing Osteoporosis, reducing metabolic syndrome, decreasing inflammation-caused ailments like cancers, auto-immune and so many more diseases. 👇🏼👇🏼Take a look at the client testimony we just got! It's one of the photos👇🏼👇🏼

4. Better Movement & Agility There is a real emphasis today in the fitness world to practice exercises that have a practical purpose in our lives. “Functional exercises”, like kettlebell workouts, help to keep our posture upright, our endurance at its peak, and our muscles prepared for whatever may come. As we grow older, it becomes more and more important that we keep our bodies moving and functional. The beauty of kettlebells is that everyone at every age can do them; with the right guidance and coaching support. We even have a 67 year old working with Kettlebells in our studio! Kettlebell workouts can keep your body moving in multiple directions and on different angles making it a dynamic, full-body experience that is actually useful in real-life situations. Kettlebells build strength in multiple muscle all at once, giving you full-body integration, core stabilization, and SAVING YOU TIME!

5. Versatile & Easy to Adapt Whether you are an experienced weight lifter, or are a middle age woman who is relatively new to the gym, kettlebells can benefit YOU. The versatility depends on choosing a weight that’s best for your body and current abilities, then practicing. So be fooled into thinking that a single kettlebell will be too easy for you OR a kettlebell workout will be too hard for you.

6. You Don’t Need Pricey Equipment Kettlebells are portable and pretty inexpensive to buy. Most can be bought for around $30-$60 depending on the weight, and found at any large sporting or fitness store, or online. If you are part of a gym or fitness program, you will likely have access to many different kettlebell weights, however one of the biggest perks of owning a kettlebell is that it virtually turns your home or hotel into a gym! I’ve been know to travel with my 26lbs Bell for quick, efficient travel workouts. I’ve done workouts on a beach, in a hotel, on a backyard deck, in a park and even in a highway rest stop.

7. Their Unique Shape The Kettlebell shape and handle makes it very easy to execute Flows…the same things we did in our Saturday workout in the studio. Dumb bells, bands, and weight machines, require time to readjust alignment and your grip, but with a little practice, kettlebells can quickly be shifted in your hands without stopping the “flow” — this makes your workout more aerobically effective because you are able to keep your heart rate up…which means while you are building that much needed muscle, you are getting your cardio in as well!

8. BONUS! A Tight Core. Rarely do I do “traditional” core work when I’m working with Kettlebells. It’s absolutely imperative to keep your core contracted and engaged while moving through a workout. The faster and heavier I go, the more Core Engagement I get as a happy side effect from the workout. Side-note: If you are just starting out and feeling pain or strain in the lower back, chances are your core is not engaged properly. This could be due to weakness in the core and/or the brain-muscle connection hasn’t been made yet. Go down to a lower weight (10-15lbs) until you don’t feel pain and only go up in weight when you can maintain that core engagement.

Want to try a Kettlebell Flow? You will find them as a part of our Kinesi program in the Billings, MT studio (CLICK HERE FOR A 5 DAY TRIAL)

OR try it on your own with this short video.(CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO)

Happy Flowing! Rebecca

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