AquaMan or Wonder Woman?

This weekend me and the family went to see the new DC Comic movie AquaMan. It’s a “thing” with us. As soon as a new DC or Marvel superhero movie comes out,


We pig out on popcorn, (I’ve been know to sneak in a few healthier snacks to go with the 😜 ) and immerse ourselves into the fantasy world for 2 hours.

Later, around the dinner table we talk about the movie and we alway ask “Which superhero do

you most relate to?” and “Who would you want to be if you could be any one of them?”

My kid always changes depending on the movie we just saw. My wife is hardcore Captain America, but could seriously relate to AquaMan because of the water element...She’s a Pisces with a lot of Cancer in her chart. (Astrology is a whole other main topic of conversation at our dinner table)

And I’m always Wonder Woman, but this weekend, I found a relatable element in AquaMan’s character development.

I’M GOING TO DO MY BEST TO NOT SPOIL THE ENDING FOR YOU.🤞 Before I get there though, I want to tell you how much I LOVE Visualizations.

EVERYTHING you want...Money, car, health, lean body, house, love, job.... STARTS with a clear and defined image in your head.

When I wanted a specific type of car, I clearly defined it in my head- Red, Late 90’s Toyota Four Runner for $5000. I found it in Denver where my brother lives, who was able to verify that it was a good car, in my budget.

When I wanted to challenge myself physically and mentally to get on a stage in a sparkly bikini, I got very clear in my head (Green bikini, on stage, don’t need to actually win anything-I

🙄 ). I got exactly what I wanted. Someone, out of the blue, lent me a sparkly green bikini, I nearly puked but found the courage to get on stage, and I got dead last in all my categories...I got exactly what I asked for.

PS. Next time I’ll ask for at least 3rd, if not FIRST!

When I wanted to live near mountain views, I clearly defined what I wanted. This past August,

we moved to Bozeman and every morning, I now get to wake up with the mountains.🌄

In my professional life, #visualization has been a driving force to help me get to where I want to be. I can clearly see a room full of people sweating in my Billings and Bozeman studios, having fun, losing fat, and telling all their friends about our program. I’m convinced that this is one of the reasons why we were voted by our Billings Community to be the #best #FitnessStudio for #WeightLoss.

So, what does this have to do with AquaMan? Everything...Or maybe Nothing. But it’s a fun analogy.

AquaMan had to push through some fears to become what he was meant to become and get what his heart desired. And in the end, it all came down to him getting a very clear and powerful image of all of it in his mind.

So next time you are dreaming of being someone more than you are right now, visualize Wonder Woman or AquaMan or anyone else that resonates with you. Get a clear image and BECOME THAT PERSON.

Which #superhero or should I say #superSHEro are you? Have a great week everyone!


“Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, YOU are withholding from the world." -Echart Tolle
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