Are You Happy? I Mean Really Happy?!?

What’s your “Happy”?😃

Last week I asked you what your definition of HEALTHY was.

Today, I want to ask you if that definition is directly related to your “#HAPPY”...I’m talking about deeply, blissfully, joyfully #HAPPY." 😇

Do you find yourself waiting to be happy until you can lose weight or fit into your skinny jeans?

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned, so far, is that your HAPPY doesn’t come when you finally fit into your skinny jeans or the scale says you weigh a certain amount.

For years, I’ve search for my happy at the end of a destination, only to realize that my HAPPY wasn’t there.

Have you ever been disappointed after reaching a goal? Weird, isn’t? We do all that hard work of “dieting”, sweating through long workouts, depriving ourselves, and we still don’t feel HAPPY.

Is it any wonder??

We starve, put up with muscle soreness, give up our favorite things. How can we find our

HAPPY in that?

Here’s a little secret...It’s in the journey of self-discovery and knowledge.

Here’s another secret...Stop complaining about how hard “adulting” is and take some pride in the efforts you put into your journey.


Maybe, but true.

Here’s another lesson I’ve learned the hard way... The more I focused on the fat I wanted gone or all the things I had to give up, the more miserable I was. But when I shifted my focus on the journey, the discovery of myself and the knowledge I was gaining, the fat started melting off, the muscles started showing up and I FOUND MY HAPPY.

"The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.” Eckhart Tolle

This week, ask yourself this one question: “How can I be happy if all I focus on is what I don’t like?” It’s impossible.

As Abraham Hicks says “Be happy in anticipation of what’s coming.”

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.” Tony Robbins

I could go on and on with quotes from the “gurus”. I’ve looked for everything and anything to disprove the the idea that our thoughts direct our lives...including the types of relationships we have, the amount of money that flows into our lives, the stuff (or lack of) we own, our long- term health and wellness...and our HAPPINESS. I HAVE FOUND NOTHING TO DISPROVE THE GURUS AND EVERYTHING TO BE HAPPY.

It’s going to be hard, like training a new muscle, but this week start thinking HAPPY. One happy little thought at a time.

As always,

To your happiness! Rebecca

PS. As you flex your “happy” muscle, you will find some amazing and surprising things that make you happy. I would love to hear what you discover. Here’s a couple of my discoveries..The light playing in clouds and speaking to large groups.

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