Balance Is Crap

I’ve been hearing this message a lot.

Dave Ramsey

Tony Robbins

Abraham Hicks

Everywhere I look I keep getting the same message. Trying to achieve that All Glorious Balance In Life is actually a waste of time.

Funny...Because In 2018 and again at the beginning of this year, I set out to find that perfect balance in my work, family, and play.

It’s not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. So I started searching for why it felt so freaking hard.

The message I keep getting is that balance is crap. It’s a myth. It’s a waste of time. Nothing in life is actually in equal balance.

So I started paying attention.

Mother Nature is never in equal balance. She ebbs and flows through seasons, changing weather, and natural disasters...Yet, it all evens out in the end. 🌊🌪🌳

Bank accounts 💵 ebb and flow with deposits and withdrawals and more deposits.

Energy levels go up and down with daily stresses and sleep cycles.😴 ⚖

So why should we expect our lives to be equally balanced all the time?

What I’ve discovered is that the more In Balance I tried to be, the less I was. I”ll explain...

The main areas of my life that I want to focus on are: ✔ Being productive in work,

✔ Being present with family, ✔ Being focused with my workouts, ✔ And carving out some playtime.

What I found was that during my work hours, I was worried about getting home to the family. When I was with family, I was constantly trying to squeeze in more work. When I was working out, I focused more on my daily To-Do list. When I was relaxing and playing, I was worried about taking too much time away from work.

There was no balance. And certainly no real productivity or joy or effectiveness. Just stress and worry....Nothing got done.

Our weight goes up and down on an almost daily basis. 🤷

Trying to be in Balance was a crappy idea.😩

Instead I’ve decided to intentionally BE in the moment...whatever I was doing.

When I’m working, I made sure my environment was set up for no distractions and high productivity. And because I’m now getting more done, I can BE with my family 100% for better

quality relationship time.

Since I already do 30 minute workouts that are set up to be efficient and effective, I can BE in

the moment and put all my focus and intentions into my workout instead of half ass-ing it and wasting time.🏋 💪

And now when I’m relaxing, I’m RELAXING. No stress, guilt or worries about what hasn’t been done.

The magic of BEING, and learning to ebb and flow with all that life is, has proven to be a much more effective way to actually getting things done and feeling more in Balance.

Think of a Teeter-Totter. It’s a lot harder to try to keep the board in a straight line than it is to enjoy the ride up and down.

Now go “BE” this week and release the idea that all things have to be in perfect balance all the time.


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