Be More Like A Dude...

Ever wonder why guys seem to build muscle so much faster than us ladies? Well...There are many reasons, including genetics, “guy” hormones, belief systems, and ego (sorry boys😳 ).

All of it play a big part in why dudes have such an easier time building muscle, and in turn burning fat.

Today I want to talk with you about one more reason why they have an easier time with weight loss. I like to call it the mind/muscle connection.

To illustrate this, think of the last time you went into a traditional gym filled with a bunch of guys.

Most of them are looking at themselves in the mirrors.

You think, “man, what an egomaniac!”

Maybe,...but I believe it is that exact action that helps them build muscle faster. When you can visually connect the brain with the muscle you are working, that muscle will work harder for you, and in turn develop and build faster.

Which means you will burn more fat, faster!

If you have ever been coached by me, you have heard me say to “Think about the muscle you are working. Look at it! Talk to it!”

It sounds weird, but it works. What you put your energy and focus on, you will get more out of it. This can be applied to any area of your life, but let’s stay with fat burning and muscle building for now.

My wife is the funniest thing to watch when she’s working out. She actually talks to her muscles just the same way I coach you during bootcamp. “Come quads! You can do it. Give me more! Don’t quit on me! Only a few more seconds!”

And you know what? She has the fastest developing muscles I’ve ever seen. Because when she’s working out, she put 100% of her focus into the muscles she’s working.

She’ll watch herself in the mirror. She’’ll persuade, cajole, encourage her body to keep moving.

Just like a dude. Is it ego? No. She’s just determined to get the most out of her workouts and she understands the the concept and science of the Mind/Body connection.

Now, I’ll tell you that the male ego certainly has a big part to play in why guys like to watch themselves. And it may be a complete happy accident that the ego pushes them to watch themselves with an end result of a Mind/Body connection that results in the body working harder and producing more results.

My point?

We females can surely benefit if we learn to develop a bit of the male ego and start working on our Mind/Body connection.

A little ego is normal, natural and necessary. It’s when we allow the ego to turn us into jackasses that gets us in trouble.

You don’t need a mirror. Just put your focus on the muscle you are working. It WILL respond!

Give it a try for the next month and see what happens.

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