Do you fear the "c" word?

A cancer diagnosis (or the fear of one) brings about a lot of questions about diet, nutrition, and meal planning for cancer treatment and recovery. While you work with your doctors who specializes in oncology and understands the science related to cancer, it is my job to help you optimize your nutrition and gut health to give you the absolute best outcome possible.

The fear, or an actual diagnosis, can be paralyzing. While I have been lucky to not have had that diagnosis, my good friend has. She was given 1 year to live, but, by the grace of God AND changing her nutrition, she is still with us 4 years later, living life large!

I watched her figure out how to heal her body with nutrition and it was NOT easy! There were so many do's and don'ts to what she could eat. You don't want to feed the cancer, but you also need energy. You have to reduce inflammation, but what foods cause it and get rid of it?? As a sugar addict, she especially struggled with getting rid of sugars (#1 food for cancer cells) Watching her manage blood sugar levels and not be triggered into eating the very foods that wanted to kill her, was hard.

It was my friend's survival (and thrival) 3 years past her diagnosis that pushed me to start my Masters in Integrative Nutrition. If this ranch bred, meat and potato gal could do what she did, I knew that there was more people out there that could do the same with some guidance and help.

As a nutrition & wellness coach, my target of care is to improve the overall health of the people that I work with because I firmly believe that a comprehensive health plan can also be an effective prevention and healing plan. Attending to the nutritional needs of each of my clients is a key area of my focus to begin cultivating this health.

By understanding what to eat, when you should eat, and how to implement healthy lifestyle strategies, you can give yourself the best opportunity to heal and get the from potential treatments(if you choose them) and understand some key concepts for cancer prevention.

There are so many opinions about what you should and shouldn’t do to take care of yourself. The Dr. "Google" and Nurse "YouTube" are filled with free advice that leaves you more confused and scared than ever. And of course, everyone seems to have a friend who’s survived cancer and now has the magic formula. It is frustrating!

I want you to be confident that your nutrition plan will supported you...whether you have a diagnosis or you are concerned about prevention. Most doctors will give you lifestyle advice, yet their focus is not on showing you how to implement it. That's where someone like me and Kinesi Wellness come in. You need to understand the action steps to make the lifestyle changes and habits right now.

Food should bring you joy, even during treatments or if you are eating for prevention. Eating with worry, confusion and fear will only delay the healing process. Even though I have not been through a cancer diagnosis, I am still very conscious about the stress that a cancer diagnosis can bring, and I do not want to add to it by creating a nutrition plan that is complicated and unappealing.

Our Kinesi Wellness Monthly Nutrition Plans uses recipes with healthy targeted ingredients, that are easy to prepare, tasty, and suitable for the whole family. Plus they come with a shopping list, ingredient list, daily "what to eat".

PLUS a monthly subscription is only $20/mo. for a limited time!

If you want to read more about my friend and her healing process, she has a facebook page called In the Light of Cancer.

If you are ready to get the healing help you want, click HERE to make a 20 min. FREE appointment with me. We'll chat about what your biggest concerns and desires are in your own health journey. We can do it in person or via phone/Zoom.

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