I panicked when I first stocked my fridge with produce.

There was a time when I would look at my fridge, filled with local and organic produce and I would panic. In 2008, when I first started working with a nutritionist, she told me that I needed to heal my gut so that my broken body, my foggy mind and my dispassionate spirit could be whole and vibrant again.

She told me that after years of chronic dieting, I was no longer able to absorb nutrition, no matter how healthy I thought I was eating.

Here's the thing; chronic dieting creates gut imbalances so severe that most people are unable to absorb nutrition. When this happens your body doesn't get the tools (vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals) to keep you healthy, so the body starts breaking down. It may start with lack of energy, then maybe some sore joints, injuries, dry mouth, brittle hair and nails, brain fog, irritation, depression, anxiety, etc, etc, etc.

As with most women in their 20's and 30's, I grew up unhappy in my body and tried every diet I could find to make myself feel better. But the chronic dieting caught up with me when I was 38 years old.

It started with join pain, then depression, and turned into severe dry eyes every morning. They would be so dry that I couldn't open them. I was anxious and depressed and scared to death. After a long month of doctor visits and so many cancer and autoimmune tests I lost count, with zero answers, I finally asked a friend about nutrition. She was a nutritionist and in the middle of creating recipes for her first cookbook, . That's when the lights started going on for me.

Now, as an Integrative Nutrition & Wellness Coach, I know how important the role of real food is in our health. But, 13 years ago, I was trapped in the dieting mindset and killing myself.

Our society has been on a 50+ year diet, fueled by fear, food politics, big chemical company money, and our own disempowerment. The longer we diet, the fatter, sicker and more depressed we are becoming in America.

When my nutritionist friend told me that to heal my gut, I needed to cut out sugar, wheat, dairy, and soy...all the things I loved. She then told me to stock my fridge with fresh fruit and veggies and clean, organic meats.

I did what I was told, because the doctors had no idea what was wrong, and this was my last hope for reclaiming my health. But, the first time I opened the fridge, I had a complete meltdown and was convinced that I would starve to death.

I had no idea what to eat. I didn't know what to do with all of this produce.

I panicked!

Thankfully, my nutritionist friend asked me to photograph her recipes for the book she was writing. (I was a pro photographer for 25 before becoming a wellness coach)

So, I started using her recipes...

And my body started healing. Within one week my dry eyes were gone. Two weeks and my depression was gone. The joint pain was gone, along with severe fatigue, chronic irritability and even some ADD.

It took some time to really embrace the clean eating. I had lived on convenience, low calorie, and processed foods, so, needless to say, there were a lot of tears and fights and complaining at first.

Like most of America, I was addicted to drugs and didn't even know it, until I started working with a nutritionist.

I fully believe that the food industry that creates processed foods (Definition: anything with more than 4-5 real food ingredients) and chemical companies, mainly Agent Orange creator, Monsanto who is now in charge of our food systems in some of the top U.S.governing positions, are actively trying to kill us...at the very least make us sick and stupid so we can't fight back.

Anything we put into our bodies that does not come from Real Food (plants and animals), it is a drug. Chemically made foods, additives, vitamins, ingredients create hormonal havoc, which creates cravings, which turns these chemically made foods into drugs.

It was a rough start, but I started small. A new recipe one day. An apple instead of a granola bar for snack. A salad instead of noodles. Those small steps compounded into new taste buds, new found energy and clarity, better sleep, and a body that wanted to move.

I started working out (yeah, energy!), I fell in love with veggies (well, some of them), I'm no longer being controlled by anxiety and cravings, and I started creating a life I wanted, instead of feeling stuck in a rut.

The power of REAL FOOD is real and 100% available to all of us. Don't panic! I know how hard it is to start. Let's chat. I can help you deconstruct the overwhelm and confusion. There IS a way out of the diets and cravings, and you don't have to do it alone.

Your first meeting is always free. Schedule it HERE

And as my newest wellness client, I would like to offer you 15% off your first month.

And remember....We are blessed to live in a world where you and I can talk from anywhere in the world!

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