I've Got The POWER!

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Ladies...What do you think about when you hear the word #POWER?

Aggression? Dominance? Overlords? Masculinity? Money? Fighting? War?

Those words are from the old world way of thinking that we’ve been living in for generations. I want to remind you, with this post, that we as women have just as much #power, as men.

It’s just a different kind of #power. And it’s time we start owning it. (P.S., this is NOT a man- hating post)

For generations we’ve been raised to believe that our voice, our vote, our sex,

our strength, is not valid. So we don’t used them to their full capacity.

Our voices are weak. Our sexual nature is hidden. Our strength is not trained.

So we feel like we don’t have any #POWER.

Have you ever done a Kettle Bell Swing?

If you have been in one of my training sessions, you know I talk about how the #power of this move is purely in the hips. The more powerful your hip movements, the heavier you can swing.

We women have SO MUCH #POWER in our hips, but a powerful hip movement can be construed as sexual in nature, so we hold back the power within us for fear of (gasp!) what it might look like.

We hold back, which keeps us from tapping into our true strengths, which keeps our bodies weak. When our bodies are weak, we feel weak. When we feel weak, we don’t use our voice to ask for what we need and want in jobs, relationships, and finances.

And we give up our true nature...a present, strong, aware and powerful person.

I think some of the hang up is that we have a convoluted meaning of POWER. It’s been associated with dominance, war, and aggression for so long that we’ve forgotten the other kinds of power.

I”m talking about the #knowingness of #intuition, the relief of saying “no”, the inner strength of bearing the weight of the 5000 pound “rock of life”, and the peace to be able to sit by that rock and just BE.

Yes! There is #POWER in the ability to just “#BEING” when things are tough, as much as there is POWER in the ability to lift a car off our young.

Ladies...You HAVE a power. And when it’s tapped into and allowed to come forward, it can be intimidating and frightening and exhilarating and FULL of purpose and clarity.

This week, exercise your power.

Have an honest conversation that you’ve been holding back. Sit quietly in peace without worry that the world will fall in around you. Follow your intuition and see where it takes you.

Lift those heavier weights and finally see the results you want. Ask for what you want, instead of being stuck with whatever comes to you.

And finally...

#BELIEVE that this power; this strong, clear, grounded, sexy feminine #POWER is within YOU.

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