Is Spiritual Sandpaper Holding You Back?

I’m a bit late because I literally couldn’t use my hands because of the wall tear-down from the day before. See photo on the left⬆

Have you seen the wave of podcasts, magazines and TV shows that talk about living simply, clearing out old stuff and getting organized?

The Minimalists Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Real Simple

Are just a few.

I just saw Tidying Up for the first time the other day and it got me to thinking about how I LOVE to clear out things when I’m feeling stuck or uninspired in life or business.

Seeing the show coincided with a day of tearing down some studio walls in my new Bozeman location. We have a small workout space, but after about 8 weeks of working out in there, I recognized that the energy was stagnant and not very inspiring...which meant that my clients didn’t want to move with much intention or intensity.

The fix? Tearing down walls, opening up to natural light, and allowing the energies to run free.

! It has completely changed my clients energy and motivation to move! What does this have to do with you and your fitness and fat loss journey?

Everything, I think.

🌪 When we are surrounded by clutter, disorganization, and excess “stuff”, it creates an environment of chaos.

⚡ Chaos creates fractured focus. 😴 Fractured focus creates perpetual procrastination.

Let’s use something simple like workout clothes.

You need them to workout.

But if you are someone who habitually tosses clothes on the floor, or puts off folding laundry, you may find yourself with every intention of getting up early and hitting the gym, but if you can’t easily find your workout clothes, then chances are you may talk yourself out of going to the gym with the excuse that you can’t find your workout pants!

🥒 How about the kitchen? You know that to loose fat, eating well is one of the main keys in

your journey. right? But, if you struggle to cook and default to eating out because it’s easier, then having an organized pantry and simple foods in your fridge can help.

One more example...Energies/emotions.

😣 Have you ever walked into a house or store that made you feel less than happy or not quite motivated to shop? Chances are you are feeling the stagnant energies of that place. When a

space feels “not quite right”, your emotions are effected. When emotions are effected negatively, you move less, you eat poorly, and your mindset works against you.

It’s what I call “Spiritual Sandpaper.” (My Kinesi studio manager came up with that term) But what to do about it?

Organizing your in-home gym so you feel better being there. Not shopping somewhere that doesn’t feel warm and puffy. Spending less time with people that make you feel bad. Tearing out walls that make a space claustrophobic.

Consciously creating your emotional and physical space in which you can BREATH and BE in freely CAN and WILL support your fitness and fat loss journey.

To your health and spirit! Rebecca

PS. I seriously don’t think I could ever fold clothes like the Tidying Up lady! 😳

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