(KISS) Keep It Simple... Smarty

This may be a short blog entry.

It’s about Simplicity, so I’m keeping it simple.

When it comes to your health and fitness, it’s got to be simple. What do I mean?

Boring is better. Yep.

No one likes boring, but sometimes it’s necessary to go bare-bones to see results.

The more complicated the program, The more ingredients, The more things we try to add to spice things up, the more off track we can get.

The human body needs very few, simple things to get and stay healthy.

It needs consistent sleep (7-9hours) It needs movement...Sometimes hard, fast and sweaty, sometimes a simple walk outside. It needs a protein, a complex carb, a healthy fat, and lots of veggies...several times a day. It needs quiet and stillness to balance the go-go-go of our normal lives.

When you don’t sleep enough, When you sit all day, every day, When you try to be the Pinterest queen in the kitchen, When you refuse stillness into your day,

Hormones get imbalanced, our muscles shorten and atrophy, we add extra sneaky calories into meals, and our minds can never become intentional.


Simple is beautiful. Simple is freeing. Simple is powerful.

Yet, simple can be boring.

In our 6 week challenges where a majority of our clients lose upwards of 20-25 pounds, it’s because we put them on our simple, yet effective workout regimen and we stripped their food down to the basics.

Boring...maybe, but this is where the body can reset to what it naturally wants, so that it can do what it naturally does.

If you can embrace the Simplicity of movement, food and life, you will get a lot further towards, not just weight loss, but peace, ease, and flow.

Making things complicated for the sake of boredom is sure to derail you from your fat loss goals.

What do you feel needs to be simplified in your life? How can I help? Let me know.


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