Stress and anxiety got you down?

Most of us don't understand that our nutrition and lack of whole foods can be directly related to our levels of stress, anxiety and depression. The more processed foods and sugars we eat, the more likely we are to suffer. The Flora and Fauna in our stomach (i.e. the gut microbiome) is considered the 2nd brain of the body. When this gets out of balance, it causes internal stress, and depending on what other issues you may be experiencing, you may exhibit anxiety and/or depression.

Most doctors are more than willing to stick you on a bunch of meds, instead of spending 30min. with you to explain how to eat better to better support your moods. Hell, most older generation docs have no idea how impactful nutrition is to our moods.

Taking a holistic approach to help heal the body is something of a "mission" at Kinesi Wellness. Our founder and owner, Rebecca understands that your mental wellbeing is directly affected by your physical health. She understands there is an undeniable link between your body, mind and moods and that by looking for the root cause of internal imbalances, together, we are often able to get to a deeper understanding of what may be triggering someone’s anxiety and depression. While Rebecca and her team of coaches are not psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, or medical doctors, we support our members’ mind-body care in many ways.⁠

One of the ways we do this is by creating nutritional plans to address nutritional deficiencies that may be causing internal imbalances, which in turn lead to thyroid issues, blood sugar imbalances, and cognitive or emotional stresses.

Aside from a nutritional deficiency, you may also have a genetic mutation that may be indirectly impairing your mindset. For example, if you have an MTHFR gene variant, studies show that you have a greater likelihood of developing depression.⁠ This should be tested by your medical doctor, if you suspect this.

To learn more about how our nutritional plans can help you combat anxiety and depression, click HERE to make a free 20min. appointment. It's free and may provide the answers you are looking for.

I agree that medication such as antidepressants can often be very beneficial and it’s important to make sure you have a doctor looking at all of the variables involved in mental health.

However, when working in tandem with your doc, we fully believe that most people, with the right nutritional therapies, can become med-free, and free from the prison of anxiety and depression.

Our nutritional plans comes with a custom plan for you, itemized grocery list, recipes, prep guide and supporting evidence.

For only $20/month for a monthly plan, there are no excuses to try! Let's chat to see if this is your next step. Make your appointment HERE You can indicate if you want to meet in person or via phone/Zoom after you make your appointment.

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