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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

The family and I watched a great movie last night...The new M. Night Shyamalan movie Split.

In short, it’s about a man with 24 vastly different personalities. As each one would take turns being in control throughout the movie, the actors entire physicality would change to match that personality.

It was fascinating!

One of the big messages in the movie was this... What the brain believes to be true, the physical body will match it. If one personality believes to have diabetes, then the physical body will require insulin while that personality is in charge. If another believes to be a strongman, the body will be able to lift 10X what the others can’t while that personality is in charge.

So this brings me to my question for you this week... How do you define #HEALTH?

I don’t believe there is a right or wrong definition. But I do believe that whatever you define as #HEALTH, you will become that.

The brain is a powerful tool that is so underestimated in our society, but if we can learn one simple concept, we can change everything.

What you believe to be true about yourself:

"I’ll never fit into skinny jeans..” “I’ll always have cellulite” "I’m not very strong.”

"My genetics keep me from having a lean body.”


Want to know what the BIGGEST challenge is for my long term clients? It’s not the actual the weight loss process.



Because if the self image they hold in their mind's eye is still that of themselves 30, 50, even 100 pounds heavier, the physical body #WILL eventually match that internal self image.

The believe of what is #TRUE must change for the physical body to permanently change.

How do you change your belief?

DEFINE what you believe is #TRUE #HEALTH.

A lean body? A specific jean size? Or is it being disease free as you get older?

SET daily actions to support that belief. If you don’t know how, hire an expert to help you set those actions.

VISUALIZE (every night before falling asleep) what your true health looks like.

At night so that your subconscious brain can work on it while you sleep.

REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT! The brain is just another muscle that needs to be worked over and over to learn new ways of doing things.

So, in a weird M.Night Shyamalan way, I’m challenging you to develop a different personality so that you can permanently become that healthy person you are working so hard to become.

Need help with these steps? I’m here to help you make this shift. It’s a part of our “#GOAL #GETTER” membership at the Kinesi Coaching Studios.

Text “#GOALGETTER” to 406-850-8459 so we can get you started.

Not a member? That’s ok. I also have monthly coaching options for those of you wanting help outside of our physical Billings/Bozeman locations.

Just Text “#SHIFT” to 406-850-8459 for your free exploratory call with yours truly.

Here’s to your healthy #Shift this week!


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