Two people came to life in front of me today.

Today is a special day. Today I saw two people come back to life.

One figuratively and one literally.

I’ll start with the latter.

My sweet wife, Danielle tempted me out of the studio for a quick lunch break downtown. After eating, on our way back to the cars, we stumbled across a small group of people trying to help an elderly man who had fallen. He had hit his head pretty bad, and by the time we were walking past, you can tell his sprit was trying to leave his body.

A compassionate young man was cradling this man’s head and with his hand on the man’s chest, I could hear “Keep breathing sir, you can do it. Please, keep breathing.”

Danielle got down by his head, shielded his face from the blaring sun and quietly reminded his spirit that he still has things to do here.

Within a minute, his color changed, he was breathing and talking, and trying to sit up. It was all I could to just be in the moment with everyone, silently praying that this man would not choose to leave yet.

So, why was that story relevant? Because earlier in the day, I saw someone else come to life in the studio.

I was working with a client during a bootcamp session. She has been working with me for several months and when I say she’s been working hard, I mean hard! Lifestyle changes, food changes, mindset changes, and movement changes.

Basically she came to Kinesi Wellness for an overhaul, heard that we were a safe space, and jumped in with both feet, fully trusting the process. It’s been a joy to be part of her journey.

Then today happened.

20min into the workout, she’s sweating, grunting, and even yelling a bit as she fights for every last possible repetition and second she can squeeze out of her workout. (side note…I always say If you ain’t making’ noise, you ain’t having’ fun!)

During her last two exercises, she starts crying, but she keeps going, grunting, yelling, crying…until the very last second of the workout.

Finally, it’s quiet, the music is lower, the workout is done, and she sits there, letting the tears finish their journey.

She looks at me and says “Just so you know, those are tears that came from a power that just came out of me. I didn’t know I had that in me.”

I get goosebumps as I listen.

“When I first started at Kinesi, I would cry because I felt so vulnerable. Everything made me cry, but this is such a safe space that I’ve been able to get rid of stuff. I had no idea this would be my experience at Kinesi. Those tears were from an emotional power, not an emotional vulnerability. That was so incredible!”

We talked a bit more about how she had shed another layer of her onion. Emotions, beliefs, physical and mental limitations that were holding her back, now another layer gone in the tears and the yelling and grunting and swearing. Gone, because they no longer serve her.

Instead, she started becoming that person she wished to be so many months ago when she first started.

She came to life in front of me today.

I knew there was a story today and I asked permission to share a bit of it, I just wasn’t sure, in that moment, how it would form.

And then, at lunch, God, Universe put me in front of someone literally coming back to life.

I was honored to witness life in two different ways today. This is why Kinesi Wellness exists. This is why I scream and cry and push through every hard thing that challenges my business. Whether it be assholes, naysayers, relocations, or a global freaking pandemic!

But, today isn’t about my WHY. It's about two other people and their WHY. They found a power within them that pushed them past the easy way out. They tapped into an unseen-to-us power that brought them to life.

What a beautiful thing to witness.

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