Not all sugar is bad! Not all carbs are bad!

I swear...If my own industry can't properly explain the difference in sugars/carbs and the BENEFITS, I'm going to lose it. Blanketed, one-size-fits-all messaging from my very own fitness industry is a main reason we are all screwed up when it comes to trying to lose weight...IMO.

How many times have you tried "Do it yourself" meal plans because you didn't want to pay for a professional to help you set the guidelines for your personal goals? How many times have you tried a fad diet because you "heard it worked"? How many times have you been successful?

I can't count the amount of times I've had studio clients tell me that they aren't eating fruit or veggies because they are too high in sugar/carbs. 😩

FACT: Twinkies, candy bars, bagels, white bread, processed sugars...BAD FOR YOU. FACT: Brown Rice, Oats, Sweet Potatoes, Fruit, Veggies...GOOD FOR YOU. FACT: Carbs/sugars from fruit and veggies are not bad.

Or... the countless times I overhear someone saying that they are starting a new diet because this cute girl they follow on IG is doing it. FACT: What works for that cute/buff girl or guy on Instagram may not work for you.

Or...They won't do Isagenix shakes because they heard it was too high in sugars, but they'll drink a crap shake that is filled with chemicals and fake sugars. FACT: The sugars in Isagenix shakes is only 5-11gr. and comes from organic beets AND is mostly fiber. FACT: Fiber intake does not impact your glycemic response so you don't count it towards total carb intake.

Here are some more no Bull S**t Facts for you.

FACT: Not all calories are the same. 22gr. of sugar in 2 small Kiwis. 20g in a Snickers bar. NOT THE SAME SUGAR SOURCE. If you are trying to lose fat, eat the Kiwi. If you are climbing a mountain, eat the Snickers. FACT: Eating a low sugar/carb diet doesn't mean no fruit or veggies. It means no cookies, cakes, chips, candy, soda (No crap) FACT: Your body NEEDS complex carbs to function properly. FACT: Your body NEEDS healthy fats to function properly. FACT: Your body NEEDS lean proteins to function properly. FACT: Your body NEEDS veggies to function properly. FACT: What works for me for fat loss, may not be the best option for you. FACT: Your mindset, belief systems, happiness, stress can and will effect fat loss. FACT: If you are 20 years old OR 50 you will need a different plan. If you have Crohn's OR Thyroid issues OR Dibeties OR Heart Disease, you need a different plan. If you are 50 pounds overweight OR 10 pounds underweight...YOU WILL NEED AN INDIVIDUALIZED eating plan and a coach or professional that is willing to look at you as an individual, and not just a money maker.

There is nothing wrong with a DIY plan if you educate yourself on what you need to be successful. It's a lot of work and takes time (it's why the most successful hire a pro), but it's doable.

If you are looking for weight loss: Keto will work...for a while. Low Fat will work...for a while. Even the Grapefruit diet will work...for a while.

However, history has shown over and over that those fad diets cause excess weight gain and even death because of system failures and severe hormonal imbalances.

I know you are confused. I know you are getting conflicting messages. I know you want to listen to what your body needs but you aren't sure how.

I want to help. I've been a victim of this industry, just like you and it's time we straighten things out!

If you are a Goal Getter VIP member in our Billings/ Bozeman studio, my help is a part of your program! All you have to do is call, message or text me (406-850-8459) to set up your appointment.

If you just have a question, you might want to join us (me and Danielle Egnew) for our brand new call in Podcast called Tequila and Tourmaline. We'll be LIVE on the facebook page where we'll be talking to YOU! Our call in number is 800-484-5634. We'll be taking your calls every Monday night 7-8pm Mnt. time STARTING APRIL 8th.

And I have one more solution for you that is in the conception mode now. I super excited about it and will give all of you out there an option to be a part of my program without having to be in Montana! I"ll just tease you with it for now...STAY TUNED!

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