We are a prisoner of the US food system.

Here are some disturbing facts you might want to know about:

Over 50% of our nation is clinically obese, including children. Children are quickly becoming so unhealthy that many of my generation will outlive our own kids.

How is that ok?!

1/3 of our population has Type 2 Diabetes, which is completely preventable through lifestyle.

And that number is rising at unprecedented rates.

The US. population takes more prescription meds as a country than nearly 10 other developed countries combined, including Brazil and Europe.

What the hell?!

The US has more gyms and fitness centers per capita than any other country, yet we are still (and becoming more so) the most unhealthy as far as disease and obesity.

How ironic.

The FDA allows 1000’s of chemicals, poisons, carcinogens, lead, arsenic, and toxic non-food items to be put into most of our packaged/processed foods. Most of these same poisons have been outlawed in other countries, including Europe.

Nabisco makes the Oreo cookie in the US and in Europe, yet the ingredient list for the US cookie is filled with chemicals and non-food items. Not in Europe. Most of the ingredients are food based. WHY??

The United States food system is broken. It’s ruled by companies and policies that are designed to make a few people very rich, and make the rest of us very sick. The sicker we become, the more we can be controlled.

Chemicals, poisons, toxins, preservatives, food coloring, and so many more that I can’t name here, create a perfect storm of hormone imbalances, cravings, and nutritional deficiencies, which lead to fewer brain cells (the sucralose in your “sugar free” drinks is literally eating your brain matter), which leads to an inability to institute rational & critical thinking.

If we can’t think clearly, rationally and logically, we will be easily swayed by false advertising, lies, and fear-based marketing. Which leads us to continue on this vicious cycle.

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming folks!

We are prisoners of a broken food system, but there are things we can do!

We can use our voice, our food budget, our votes. And we can shift our priorities to support our health.

  1. OUR VOICE- It’s as easy as asking your coffee barista to put only 1 pump of flavor in your drink instead of the 4-5. You can ask your local deli for the lunchmeat without nitrates and MSG. You can request your food to be prepared without canola oil the next time you are at a restaurant. You can ask to see the ingredient list of the powder that goes into your smoothie.

  2. OUR FOOD BUDGET- If you stop buying the crap and start buying whole foods, the stores will start stocking more of what you are buying. Start reading ingredients list on the back of everything. Only buy what you can understand. If there is a laundry list of ingredients that don’t come from the earth or an animal, don’t buy it. Stores want you to keep coming. If you stop buying it, they will stop carrying it.

  3. OUR VOTE- Vote people into public service office whose actions (not just their words) show that they care for the health of their people, not just their own pocketbooks and jobs. Words mean something, yet if their actions are inconsistent with their words, there is a severe lack of integrity and chances are that lack of integrity will lay on the backs of us “little people”.

  4. SHIFT PRIORITIES- Yes, whole foods like fresh fruits and veggies can feel more expensive than that box of Pop Tarts. That’s because of the government subsidies for the cheap filler shit like corn and soy. There are very little-to no subsidies for the farmers who grow our fruits and veggies. Which makes it seem like they are more expensive.

The problem with priorities is that they will only shift if you really, really want to change something. Here’s some simple math that my wife and I did to help us afford to shift our priorities to better health. Recently, we opted in to receive a weekly delivery from #theproducemarket , of fresh and local organic fruits and veggies each week at the cost of $35/week. That’s $140/month. This budgetary cost supports our goals of eating more fresh/local produce, which supports our long term health, as well as our local community. We decided that this was important, yet it also meant that there were a few things in our budget that we were going to have to change to support this new expense. This is how we justified it. No cable TV ($60/month) Too much temptation to sit on our ass every night. No fancy nail salon ($50/month)Too many chemicals in the air that eat your brain; I’ve seen the brain scans! No daily lattes ($65/month)Too many fat inducing calories. That’s $174/month that we don’t spend on things that are antithetical to our health. If all you could manage to do is opt for a fresh fruit or veggie instead of a cookie or a bag of chips, you are on your way. If you can start asking for what you want or don’t want, you are so much farther down the road to health than most. If you have the means, drive and desire to make big changes, then you will set the world on fire. If you have the desire, but feeling lost or overwhelmed about how to start, then your next step is to call me. As your Health and Wellness coach I will work with you to set simple action steps that will build into big changes over time. You don’t have to know how to do it all right now. You just have to be disgusted with being a prisoner of our food system and be willing to take the baby steps that will make the big impact on your health.

I'll help you grocery shop, cook, plan, prioritize, etc.

I'm changing the food world with one person, one choice and one action at a time. We HAVE to get disgusted with our food (non-food) system and start taking action now! We are becoming zombies, much to the delight of the big food companies, but we can stop it!

I invite you to talk with me about how I might be able to help you get started on your own food revolution. Schedule your free 20 min. appointment HERE.

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