What Would... You Do?

You know that saying? WWJD

What would Jesus Do?

It’s something a lot of us say to help guide us in our choice making; to help us be stronger, kinder and more compassionate to others and with ourselves when the choice-making is hard.


Before I go any further, hear my words. Regardless of my beliefs or yours (all beliefs are valid in my book), I think Jesus was a pretty cool dude that got a bad rap. He has been a #guiding light and reminder to #love on ALL people, and he will continue to be.

I’m not writing this to ditch on Jesus.

We cool?! Good

In a modern world of Facebook memes and quirky sayings (WWJD) that have turned into the predominant guiding light for our society, may I propose a new, and I dare say, a self- empowering mantra to help you make 2019 the best year yet?


What Would I Do?

Let’s be real here. With Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., we have become a society that looks EVERYWHERE for guidance, accept within ourselves.

Let’s be more real...😳

We KNOW that daily movement is good for our bodies, but we look to YouTube videos for validation on HOW to move.

We KNOW that eating less sugar and more vegetables is a great way to lose fat, but we look to the online diet “gurus” to tell us how.

We INHERENTLY KNOW what makes us happy, yet we feed on social media advice to tell us what makes us happy, instead of following our instincts.

We KNOW that being kind, tolerant, generous and compassionate are all good behaviors and that killing another is bad, helping others is good, yet we still ask WWJD.

WE KNOW WHAT TO DO is my point.

😍 Moving on.

Let me ask you this... Jesus drank wine and ate bread. However, if you KNOW that drinking wine and eating bread was going to bloat you up like a balloon, are you going to drink and

eat as Jesus did? Of course not. 😜

This doesn’t mean you can’t love Jesus because the lucky bastard can eat and drink things you shouldn’t if you are trying to lose fat.

Next time you are faced with a decision to skip your workout, eat that piece of cake, cook some veggies, pack a healthy lunch...



Not the person you feel like right now, but what would the strong, pick-yourself-up-by-your- big-girl-panties-i-got-this person that IS IN YOU, DESPERATELY TRYING TO GET OUT;

What would she do?

Go ahead and seek advice or find a plan to get you started, but when the constant action of looking outwardly, in detriment to our own inner knowing, becomes a crutch, it is no longer a helpful tool in our personal growth, but a ball and chain.

I know...

As a pro in the nutrition and fitness industry, I’m shooting myself in the foot with this advice. I’m good with that, if it means that YOU will start listening to your instincts and believing in yourself.

Use me and our Kinesi Coaching program for the kickstart to point you in the right direction, but I want you to learn how to fish, I don’t want to just give you the fish.

Do you get my meaning?

Self-Empowerment is the key to everlasting health & wellness. Let go of the social media crutch and if you know that you should eat your veggies tonight instead of pizza, then do it. You don’t need me or Jesus or Facebook to tell you to eat your veggies.


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