Who is really "perfect"?!?

It’s all over Instagram and Facebook.

Shredded, skinny, toned bodies-- with hashtags like #fitforlife and #workoutmotivation.

With their “perfect” waistlines, shirt-popping biceps, and perfect lighting and sexy poses, it's easy to assume they've got it easy...

... and maybe, if you just worked a little harder, your body would be "perfect" too.

But have you ever stopped to consider what it REALLY takes to get into cover model or show shape?

Today, I want to share some of the tradeoffs, as well as the benefits, of becoming one of “those” people.

Then you can decide if it's actually worth it to you.

6-pack abs Tight butt Glistening bulging muscles And not a speck of cellulite or extra fat to be seen.

Sounds great, but what are you willing to do or give up for this look?

Working towards a specific goal like a magazine shoot or a physique show is one thing.

Wanting a sustainable lifestyle where you can actually have balance and enjoyment is another.

I’ve been on both sides of the fence.

10 years ago, I was a yo-yo dieter and a self-proclaimed couch potato. Two years ago I got on a stage, ridiculously tanned, wearing hardly anything, and as lean as I have ever been.

What happened in between? First, I got healthier by eating cleaner foods and started moving my body...consistently Next I got super skinny (due to industry pressure and stress), but I bounced back and found a good balanced weight for me and my lifestyle.

Then I decided to do a show. And the next year and a half was pure misery.

I gave up most social engagements for fear of veering off my food plan.

I counted EVERYTHING that went into my mouth. And there was zero “fun” foods. I spent precious family time at the gym...sometimes upwards of 3 hours each day.

I pounded every ounce of fat off my body that I could...to the point of some serious physical detriment.

It was a bit of an obsession and there was plenty of tradeoffs.

But I wanted this, so I made some very conscious decisions that made it happen.

And there were benefits that I would never want to give up.

I challenged myself to do something radically out of my comfort zone. (sparkly bikini, really?) Challenge=Growth!

I was forced to deal with some personal demons. No point in holding on to those a**holes. And I proved to myself that I could do it, and I could now authentically speak about the process to my clients who might be interested.

I also finally looked like all those “Fitness Pros” I saw on social media. (that was fun for the 5 min. of stage time) but it was really the last thing I wanted.

Just to be clear...I have nothing against cover model physiques. I LOVE fitness and nutrition. :-) But did I really want to live like I’ve lived for the last 18months for the sake of looking like a cover model 24/7?

Not really. It wasn’t really living. It was a crazy amount of physical work, a ridiculous amount of neuroses around eating, and the HARDEST thing I ever did.

What I learned and still coach to this day, (even amongst the judgement of some fellow fitness pros) is this...

Health and fitness for the majority of us shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing thing.

You have more choices than just being super fit OR a complete couch potato.

Choices that fit in the in-between, that give you the body and life YOU want -- without all the extreme tradeoffs on either end.

I hope this realization feels incredibly freeing to you.

It’s taken me almost two years to get back to a more balanced way of living, where I’m OK with having the occasional treat, and working out 30 min a day instead of my 3am 3hour workouts.

I hope you will join me in saying goodbye to that nagging voice that you don’t measure up to your FB or IG fitness hero/she-ro.

Instead, say hello to a sane, sustainable approach to a healthier body and a more fulfilling life.

Will I do another show? I don’t know. But if I do, it won’t be because I want to look like someone on IG.

Do I think you should do a show? Only if you understand the process and you are fully committed to the tradeoff AND benefits. And NOT if you are living in the social media world of comparisons. I will support you 100% of the way.

Reach for any goal- Magazine cover, Physique show, or just to wear a swim suit this summer because you want to challenge yourself and push past limiting beliefs and comfort zones.

Being 50% body fat doesn’t make you any less of a person.

Being 10% body fat doesn’t make you a better person.

What are you willing to trade off for your goals? Let’s start there!

That's why Kinesi Coaching and our team is here.

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