Why you may need a Health coach

Chances are you have tried every gym and at-home workout/diet program known to man. And you are probably used to doctors and health providers focusing on meds and procedures (both very important and lifesaving) instead of paying much attention to ALL of you as a holistic being and treating you accordingly.

When was the last time you spent a significant amount of time with your doctor as they talk with you about nutrition, intentional movement, sleep, mindset, stress levels, and self care?

Most likely you have been to told to exercise more and eat better, but was not given any real guidance on how to do it. I love my doctors, but let's be honest, they don't have the time to meet with you for 45 minutes twice a month to coach you through those major lifestyle changes.

What we do at Kinesi Wellness is akin to a more holistic approach to your over all health and wellness. Although we are not doctors, we love to work in tandem with them when needed. We look at the Whole of YOU, instead of just the symptom, because we understand that 90% of what makes us sick is directly related to lifestyle, habits and mindset.

This is the hallmark of your treatment plan. At Kinesi, Rebecca and her team will work with you to develop a personalized plan for things like diet, movement, supplements if needed, blood work, and other healing modalities based on your health and goals.

Below are the basics of what you can expect while working with us. Some may apply to you and some may not, based on what you specifically need and want, but these are what we believe to be our core tenants to wellness: good nutrition, sleep, consistent movement, and self care/love.

Your holistic wellness foundation starts with your daily habits. What you do consistently will make or break your health. If you have consistent movement built into your daily/weekly habits, then you may not need or want our exercise program. "More power to you!" says our founder and owner, Rebecca.

But if you are sneaking Twinkies every night, then we might start with the "whys" behind that habit.

Nutrition Plans

When it come to fighting inflammation (the leading cause of most illnesses), getting to the root of cause of certain symptoms, nutrition habits and knowledge is one of our most effective tools. Don't worry if you don't know how to cook or if grocery shopping stresses you out, these are areas that are included in our programs.

Personalized nutrition plans can support your fat loss goals as well as make HUGE positive impacts on your long term health.

A few examples:

Elimination diet (to pinpoint food allergies and sensitivities that may be causing specific symptoms)

Keto (for reduction in chronic pain, Alzheimer's, Type 2, and more)

Low-FODMAP (for gut health)

Autoimmune Paleo diet (for restoring good gut health and healing the immune system)

Intermittent fasting (a purposeful approach that may yield better brain function, fat loss and inflammation in some people)

Conventional medicine will not address the healing properties of good nutrition. Most med students get about 19 hours of nutrition training over 4 years. A health coach like myself has spent the last 12months in school for Integrative Nutrition, plus the last 10 years and 1000s of hours working with clients on their nutrition and movement to reduce Type 2 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Osteoporosis markers, Anxiety, Depression, AND medications!

Stress management

An overwhelming amount (about 80%) of all doctor's visits are rooted in stress-related issues. Stress may be inevitable, but the key to keeping it from affecting your health is creating a solid management and lifestyle habit regimen. You can easily activate your body's natural relaxation response by a number of methods that don't take more than 5 min. a day. We will provide those tools and help you along the way.

Quality sleep

Getting enough quality sleep is a non-negotiable if feeling better is a goal of yours. A lack of good sleep is now linked to dementia, weight gain, inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, depression and more.

We'll give you the tools that will work for you to create a healthy sleep habit.

Regular intentional movement

Our head coach, Rebecca, always says that if you stop moving, you start dying! Exercise and movement play too big of a role in disease prevention, hormonal balance, blood sugar stabilization, healthy heart and so much more to not address this as we start working together.

We'll show you what is too little or too much (yes, you can over exercise and cause more damage) and help you find something that you enjoy so you can stay consistent. Whether you use our workout program or prefer another gym or your home, we will guide you to your perfect movement program.


While we fully believe that it is important to have a good relationship with solid food, we must recognize that our current food system and poor eating habits have created a nutritional imbalances that contribute (if not fully cause) our ailments. Supplements may be needed to get your body back to a point of healthy balance, proper digestion and good nutrient absorption. These can be short or long term to help with a variety of issues ranging from nutritional deficiencies, chronic fatigue, inflammation, bad skin and more.

Of course, we will work with any meds you might be on and with your doctors to find the right supplements if needed. We may also recommend that your doctor do testing to check what deficiencies you may have so that we may first treat it nutritionally before adding meds.

Some other alternative healing modalities we may recommend are:

Acupuncture-Traditional ancient Chinese medicine that uses tiny (pain-free) needles in specific parts of the body to promote healing.

Saunas- Infrared, salt rooms, heat therapy are ways to promote stress relief, detoxification ad more.

Red light therapy- RLT is a therapeutic technique that treats skin issues like scars, wounds, wrinkles and more.

Therapy and counseling- Mental health is just as important as physical health, which is why we may recommend seeing a therapist if there is trauma and deeper emotional issues that are beyond our scope of practice.

Massage- A great way to reduce pain in the body and relieve stress

Energy work- Rieki, reflexology and botanical oil treatments are another ancient and proven way to heal the body.

Try not to feel overwhelmed. You are not alone in any of this! We will guide support, teach, coach, and show you the way to better health. We are your team in this journey.

Ready to start? Set up a free 20 min. consult with our owner, Rebecca to discuss how we can help you get started. Kinesi Wellness can help.

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