BUY 3 month, Get 1 Free, PLUs $555 in free / discount services from 8 partner health and wellness vendors!

That's $995 dollars worth of AMAZING Health and Wellness services for ONLY $330!! (Yep, indeed. You read that correctly.) 

Now. We are only selling 75 of these packages. And when they are gone, they are gone! Already in?

                                                                                              Or, read on for more details --

What is the Kinesi Community?

The Kinesi Community is a movement of wellness-minded small businesses in Billings, supporting one another with gifts for our clients! We have an AMAZING community of health and mind-body-spirit wellness professionals in Billings, and we all believe that taking care of YOU is our number one priority! Our Kinesi Community is made up of businesses that we at Kinesi believe edify the health of our Billings residents. Plus -- all of these businesses are run by really cool people!  

How does this Awesome Deal work?

When you pay upfront for 3 months of our award-winning program, you get 1 month at Kinesi for FREE, as a bonus! That means in December, you work out FREE, on us!! (C'mon, you already have enough to worry about, come holiday time. Let us help you make YOU a priority in one of the most challenging months of the year! We take the stress off for you!) Be worry-free in your workouts through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! By hanging out with us, we can guarantee you won't gain the typical 15 extra pounds of holiday fat. Finish 2019 with a solid bang!

Do you have family members or friends who would love to get healthy, yet just aren't sure how? THIS is a perfect upcoming holiday gift, along with the partner vendor goodies, which everyone can enjoy!

REMEMBER: We are selling only 75 of these amazing packages ($995 of services for $330) -- 75, and that's it. So --  

(Once you claim your special, stop into Kinesi to pick up your vendor coupons!)

What’s included in your Kinesi Deal:

  • Unlimited Sessions (Group Personal Trainer in every session) Over 36 sessions every week!

  • Holistic & Fat loss coaching

  • Monthly weigh ins and measurements

  • Accountability & Support (Attendance tracking)

  • Kettlebell complexes, Lifting sessions, 55+ Forever Fit sessions, Full Body Fire, True HIIT Grit

  • Strength and Conditioning Training for optimal fat loss, functional movement, strong core, and lean muscle

PLUS, check out the $555 of Health, Wellness and Lifestyle goodies from our participating Kinesi Community Partners -- all for YOU!!

Did you know that "555" is number that represents personal evolution, positive change, and bringing oneself into your "soul" purpose? It so happens we have that for you, right here, with our Kinesi Community Partners:

Black Orchid Yoga + Spin -- One Week FREE Pass! (Value $50)
Mazevo Coffee -- 20% off Coffee Card! 
Red Shoe Reflexology -- Foot Relaxation Kit + Discounted reflexology treatment + get one free! (Value $45)
Danielle Egnew Spiritual Advisor -- 1 hour personal spiritual consultation with your angels! (Value $300)
Vintage Apothecary --  20 minute energy work session (Value $25)
Bishops Barbershop -- Free Haircuts (Value $20-$30)
Soup & Such - Delicious hand-made menu items (Value $9.99)
Barjon's Books -- Soothing Energy Grounding Kit  (Value $20)
Jade Forest Wellness -- 50% Wellness Consultation, includes two appointments (Value $75)

Ready to take your overall fitness to the next level? Let us help you, through optimized nutrition coaching and our hyper-effective 30-minute-High Intensity Interval Training Sessions! AND -- let us introduce you to some of the best wellness professionals in Billings!